Gartner® analysts Andrew Lerner and Sanjit Ganguli published their article on 3 August to help Infrastructure and Operations leaders responsible in businesses for network accessory product expenditure to ‘curtail wasteful spending’ and so reallocate budgets ‘to more strategic initiatives’.

The premise of the article is that in the world where enterprises need to find ways to limit capital spending, and where network transceivers can make up to 10% to 15% of that spending, then business leaders shouldn’t succumb to being ‘excessively overcharged’ by most of the manufacturer suppliers.

“I think it’s really gratifying to have my business concept endorsed by the exceptional research company, Gartner®,” says Omar in a recent interview. “When I created this compatible networking business back in 2003, after working for many years in the sector, it was precisely to address this sector need, that is, to provide high-quality network accessory products produced to exactly the same standards, but at a fraction of the cost – at which I’ve been super successful,” he adds.

Omar also states that “the article supports all of the key benefits that we offer as a business, including offering ‘discounts of at least 75% off the list price’, which I’m pleased to say our discounts are higher at around 92% on average.”

“What’s more, and what I’m really enthusiastic about, is that the article really takes the original manufactures to task about trying to use FUD tactics to ensure that customers don’t switch to a more cost-effective compatible transceiver solution. It’s one of the biggest barriers to sales that we face on a daily basis, and is difficult for a lesser known brand such as ours to overcome easily. Of course, we offer a lifetime warranty across our total range, alongside a sale or return policy if the customer prefers to test our products, but it’s still a significant challenge for us.” Omar reflects.

And finally he concludes, “that as our range of transceivers are 100% compatible with over 50 of the leading manufacturer brands, we can only hope that more of the I&O leaders within the network sector switch to buying from compatible products distributors such as ours, and save themselves substantial amounts of money on their capital spending.”

You can read the full article on the website here.

Omar Miqdadi is the Managing Director and Owner of Megnet Limited. He founded the company 14 years ago to distribute compatible network accessory products to an international client base.